Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Best Hockey Game EVER!!!

Last night, I attended the absolute BEST hockey game ever! It was between the Utah Grizzlies and the Idaho Steelheads. That doesn't really matter. The Steelheads won. That doesn't really matter either. I go for the cultural factor. I feel I am very well-rounded. I feel just as entertained at a hockey game as I do a Broadway play. Here is the night in review.

My mom and I didn’t like the seats we had purchased, so we moved over a section. We always do this. Plus when my Mom bought the tickets, the girl selling her the tickets totally pointed out the wrong seats. The original seats were down too low in the corner. Bad seats. We moved over a section toward the center and up higher so we could see the entire stretch of ice before us. Plus we had a better chance of getting hit by the puck if it happened to sail off the ice into the stands in our new seats! :)

Before the game started, we saw these little boys with huge earphones on. The earphones were like the kind you go to the shooting range with to muffle any and all sound. The little boys were about 2 and 4 years old. At first, I thought they were just wearing earmuffs, but no, it was definitely huge earphones. If you’re that overprotective of your kids’ hearing, why are you bringing them to a loud hockey game?? I was sure the noise wasn't any louder than the domestic abuse that was occurring in the apartment above them. Whatever! The kids weren't phased at all by having to wear those ugly huge things. Here's a picture of one of the kids. Sorry its a little blurry. I'm trying to protect the kid's identity! Just kidding! I was far away from them. I didn't want it to look too obvious that I was taking a picture of them with my cell phone. Child abductor??? The Mom in the gray is holding the blond kid in the black shirt. The two black dots on either side of his neck are the earphone things. I'm sure she would win the Mom of the Year Award but I just think it's ridiculous!

There were plenty of fights during the game. I loved how they would just hit each other in the face. That seemed to be the popular action during a fight. It was very entertaining. Many players from each team spent some quality time in the penalty box. One player from each team was ejected during the first period but returned for the second and third periods. I enjoyed the many times that I had the pleasure of yelling, "Hit him!" or "Trip him!" or "Get him!"

Between the first and second periods, the Guns vs Hoses game was played. It was between the police and the firemen. We cheered for the firemen because my cousin is a fireman (not in the game though). They didn’t have skates and they used snow-scraper sticks for hockey sticks. It was quite entertaining. I think the Hoses won, but I can't really remember.

Mom and I finally made it onto the jumbotron during the YMCA song. We got a lot of air time too! It is always our goal to get on the jumbotron at least once during a hockey game. Mission accomplished!

We sat in the section with the only group of people cheering for the other team. They were fun to watch and didn’t bother me at all. Apparently it bothered some people. Towards the end of the game, a guy (I use that term loosely) came over to sit among the other team cheerers and annoy them. I called him Joe Butt Crack because he couldn’t seem to keep his pants up. The majority of the section was behind him so we got quite a view.

As he was annoying the other team cheerers, he was annoying EVERYONE around him. He thought he was doing such a service to his fellow Grizzlies supporters but he wasn’t! He just looked more and more like a stupid idiot! His little sidekick managed to keep his pants up but he kept doing what I refer to as the Pee-Pee Dance so I called him Pee Pee Herman. He kept hopping from one foot to the other. He either had to go potty or he was high on something (but not life)! Just before the original game ended, both of them got ejected from the game. Everyone cheered as Joe Butt Crack and Pee Pee Herman got escorted from the stands by security. One of the security guards was pretty cute. I wouldn’t have mind if he escorted me somewhere….

Oh yeah, back to the game-The game ended up a tied score. During overtime, no goals were made. Then it went to a shoot out where the other time won. My other team cheerers were ecstatic!

On the way out, Mom and I decided to take the scenic route (we were lost) underneath the stands to the outside door. We didn’t really know where we were so we just kept walking. We met the nice Hispanic clean up crew. We ended up by the door closest to our car. That's pretty good, if I do say so myself! As we were going out the doors, security ran past us out to the parking lot. We looked for another fight but couldn’t find it. Darn!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hauoli Makahiki Hou

Or Happy New Year's to all my non-Hawaiian readers. I went to Hawaii for New Year's. It was the best vacation and best New Year's I have ever had. Let's just say that 2008 was a rough year. It doesn't even deserve a year in review.

2009 on the other hand needed to start out with a bang. It did in the form of a spectacular fireworks show high above Waikiki Beach. I was there with my mom and my friend, Ellie along with thousands and thousands of our friendliest (drunk) strangers, including a very cute Frenchman, Xavier, that I had the pleasure of getting to know. Luckily his English was much better than my French. :)

My parents, my friend Ellie, and I were on Oahu for five and a half days and Maui for three and a half days. Oahu was rush, rush, rush to see everything (and buy everything). Maui was lounging by the pool absorbing as much sun and heat as I could day after day. There was plenty of eating as well. I doubted I would ever feel hunger again.

Since returning home to the freezing arctic and unemployment, I ask myself many times a day why I even bothered to leave??
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