Sunday, July 20, 2008

Seeing My Michaels & Supporting the Arts

I had a marvelous weekend last weekend. It all started with leaving from work an hour and a half early. That will start any weekend off on the right note. I drove to the infamous Pickleville Playhouse at Bear Lake. I saw the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie. My friend Michael DuBois was performing in the musical. He played the part of Trevor Graydon.

Those of us attending the performance that night got an extra exciting show all with the price of our ticket. Around fifteen to twenty minutes into the show, there was a commotion a few rows in front of me. People started standing up and moving around. I was like, “Geez, people lets have a little theater etiquette. You don’t just stand up and trade around seats in the middle of the performance!” Then a lady turned around and said very loudly, “Is there a doctor in the house?” She kept asking that and apparently there wasn’t. A girl sitting behind us got up and went to help with the commotion. A man had a stroke!
Finally a woman with an apron on (which means she was in charge at the theater) told the performers to stop the show, put up the lights, and turn the air conditioner to high (thank you!). The actors didn’t really know what to do so they just continued until they were told to stop. Someone called 911. They got someone’s electric scooter. Two men carried the man that had the stroke to the scooter. Then they scooted him right out of there! Then the show picked up where it left off.

This is what they mean when they say, “The show must go on!” It always weirded me out when people had heart attacks when I performed in the Christmas Spectacular. Heart attacks usually happened one to two times a season. Old men’s hearts just can’t handle twenty pairs of legs kicking. It’s a fact!

I really enjoyed watching Michael perform. He did an awesome job as Trevor Graydon! I “thoroughly” enjoyed his performance. I highly recommend this musical to anyone taking a vacation to Bear Lake or just looking for a great, entertaining evening out.
After I got done talking with Michael after the show, I drove to LeBeau’s for a milkshake but they had already closed. Darn it!
The following day, I saw the musical 1776 that was put on by the Utah Festival Opera Company. Michael Ballam was playing the part of John Adams. I loved his performance! I had never seen this musical before. I loved it! I was reminded how much I love American History. We can learn so much from studying it. After the show, I gave Michael a big hug and told him he did a fabulous job! He asked me what I had been up to and if I was doing the Christmas Show again. I told him I was still waiting to hear back. (This was before I heard back from Radio City.)
I had the privilege of working for Michael five years ago. I was performing in Utah Festival Opera Company's Wizard of Oz. During the day, I worked as the secretary in the company's office. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work so closely with such an amazing man. He's not only amazing when he performs but he is everyday, 24/7, all-the-time, when-nobody's-watching amazing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Favorite Phone Call

After a short time of waiting this year, Radio City called me. I have accepted a role in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I will be spending the holidays in Nashville, TN. It looks like I will be having the 4th consecutive Country Christmas.

I have about 10 days of rehearsal in Myrtle Beach, SC, and will then be flying to Nashville for the remainder of the time. I leave the end of October and return home the end of December. I am very excited to be back in the Christmas Spectacular. I love to perform on one of the greatest stages in the US, The Grand Ole Opry.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's a Baby....

Puppy! I was kind of feeling left out since some of my friends are having babies lately and posting all these cute pictures of wrinkly little babies on their blogs. I will show you the newest addition to the Winn Family. My brother Chris and Allen got a puppy. It is an 8 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I think she is the cutest thing ever! Her name is Alice but I'm not sure if she knows that yet??

She is still learning where she should go to the bathroom. Apparently she gets this "look" just before she goes. That's the cue for either Chris or Allen to grab the puppy and head for the nearest door.

She doesn't like to walk on the grass. In Florida, they don't have the lush green stuff we are used to in Utah. It is more prickly and sparse. Apparently Alice has a hard time walking on the grass and opts to just fall over. I have begged my brother for some footage of the seemingly drunk pup walking the line but it hasn't happened yet. I'll keep you posted.

Alice's favorite place to nap is under furniture, namely the ottomon or the couch. We think she likes those places because it is dark, cool, and maybe a little comforting.
PS Thanks for thinking of me to tag, but I'm not going to do it so you might as well stop tagging me. Have a fabulous day!