Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Lehi!

Well, I know this is a day late but Happy Valentine's Day! I was planning on having a pretty low key Valentine's Day. I didn't have very much planned for the day. The few plans I had were changed because of inclimate weather.

This story all starts on Wednesday (the day before Valentine's Day). I made plans to go to Lehi for the afternoon to spend time with my friend Hilary and her family. I knew it was going to snow but being in Utah for the past month and a half, I thought, "What else is new?" I was tired of trying to plan my life around the usual snowfall. I just wanted to get to Lehi before the snow began to fall. I did! I got to Lehi about an hour and a half to two hours before the snow began to fall. Yea!

I visited with Hilary for a few hours before her daughters came home from school. We had a great visit. We got snacks ready for the girls when they returned from school. As soon as the girls came in, they started asking for me. (They were tipped off by my car sitting in their driveway!) We ate snacks and they told me all about their lives since I had been to their house last (which was probably in September or October last year).

Since it was the day before Valentine's Day, we worked on their Valentine's for their classmates. Then we played fast food drive through and anything else we imagined. At one point, I was sitting in an oversized chair along with three of the girls. We were a close bunch! At one point, the three year old told me, "Yeah baby! Stop buggin'!" That seriously cracked me up! The snow continued to fall and blow. As dinner was ready, we received a call from Hilary's husband. who was stuck on the freeway. He was literally sitting in his car on the freeway going nowhere. He decided to wait out the storm (once he could finally get off the freeway) at a family member's house. That didn't look good for me to get home. I decided to wait a few more hours for the roads to be cleared of the snow and all the commuters to go home.

I enjoyed a mini concert from Hilary in her living room. She shared two of the songs she was working on with me. They were beautiful! I helped the girls clean their rooms. We ate ice cream and watched American Idol. (That's a great combination!) We watched the early news at 9 and that's when we received the news that I probably would not be returning home that evening. The road that leads from Hilary's house to the freeway was closed because of snow drifts. The freeway was still a parking lot. Hilary's husband had still not returned home yet. Hilary invited me to stay at their house for the night and I accepted her offer. The girls were ecstatic! (Even though they spent a lot of time persuading me to stay the night.) Hilary's husband finally arrived home at 10 PM. Wow! A five hour commute from Sandy to Lehi is a bit excessive!

Valentine's Day began with cartoons and art projects with the girls. (The girls' school was delayed until 10 AM because of the snow.) We ate a DELICIOUS breakfast of waffles, strawberries, syrup, whip cream, eggs (with and without cheese), and bacon! Wow, what a feast!! Hilary is an excellent cook!

Even though the road from Hilary's house to the freeway was still closed, I still headed home on the backroads about 10 AM. Wow! That was a trip! A huge thanks to the Weeks' family for putting me up (and putting up with me) for the night! I had a blast with you! You made my Valentine's Day.

The rest of Valentine's Day was pretty much like any other day. I enjoyed being in the temple. Oh yeah, as I was walking into the temple, I ran into my mission president and his wife. That was another fun surprise for the day. It was great to see them! I hadn't seen both of them for a long time. They work in the Jordan River Temple. My mission president is a sealer in the Jordan River Temple.

I was going to watch a movie that night, but I was so tired that I crashed about 10 PM. Pretty exciting, huh?! That was my exciting story for the week. HUGE THANKS to the Weeks' Family! (I promise I won't come visit for quite awhile. I will wait until there is no threat of being snowed in again. At this rate, it might be August!)

The Weeks Family on Halloween (Sorry, it's the only picture I have of you!)