Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Lot Can Happen In A Week

My life has changed quite a bit since my last post. As of that day, I had dropped out of school and had no direction in my life. A lot can happen in a week.

The afternoon that I had dropped my classes, I called a temp service I had been working with to let them know I was looking for any day, week, or month jobs they might have. I wasn't looking for anything permanent. They called me the next day to say that a company had called them needing a receptionist for that day. I figured I could work for a day so I agreed to the job. (Plus, I thought the temp service wouldn't call me with any other job offers if I kept turning them down.) I ended up working for the day at a radio station. Actually this company managed three radio stations. My responsibilities were to sit at the front desk, answer incoming phone calls, and help people that came into the office. Otherwise, they let me text, email, and surf the Internet all day! It was a great job! I had so much fun! After I got home from work that day, I called the temp services and left them a message about how much fun I had and if they had another job come through for the radio station that I wanted to go back.

The following day, the temp service called me again. They said unfortunately the radio station didn't need me but asked if I would go be a receptionist at another company. I told them yes and continued to get ready to go. A few minutes later, the temp service called back and said the radio station called and wanted me back for another day. I swapped jobs and headed back for another fun-filled day of giving out prizes at the radio station.

Soon after I got to the job, I was called into the office of one of the bosses. I thought they were going to yell at me for texting, emailing, and surfing. On the contrary! They offered me a permanent position as their receptionist/administrative assistant. I told them I wasn't really looking for a permanent position because of the opportunity I might have to be in the Christmas Spectacular and I would be gone for two months out of the year. They told me that if they got a temp for those two months I would be gone to cover for me, if I would accept the job. That sounded almost too good to be true to me so I accepted the job.

I began working full-time for Millcreek Broadcasting in Salt Lake City last Monday. The radio stations they manage are U92, 94.9 The Blaze, and Mix 107.9. I don't listen to any of these stations. I can't even get any of those radio stations on my radio at home. I will stick to my country stations. The atmosphere is very relaxed and I enjoy going to work each day (so far). The only drawback is the commute. I'm sure I will really be complaining when the snow begins to fall.

I am still amazed about how everything fell into place over these last couple of weeks. As some of you know, I was a mess before school started. I was really confused and troubled. Now that all of this has happened, I feel much more settled and like I have a purpose again. Thanks for sticking it out with me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

That Was Close!

This is going to be short and sweet. Today is the first day of classes, or would have been the first day of classes on my journey to another Bachelor's degree. After tossing and turning all night, I decided that is not the journey I want to take! Sorry to disappoint all you lifelong learners! I spent the morning dropping all my classes and returning books instead of sleeping (oops, I mean, sitting) through a lecture on public speaking.

I'm not sure exactly what road I will be traveling now. I am currently looking for a job that would be oh so kind as to (maybe) let me leave for two months to be in the Christmas Spectacular in November and December. (I have not been offered the opportunity to be in the Christmas Spectacular this year.)

I have auditions for the Christmas Spectacular in June in LA. Then I probably won't hear anything (if I hear anything at all) until August.

Have a great day!