Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 Year Anniversary

It's amazing how quickly ten years can fly by!  In February, Salt Lake City celebrated the ten year anniversary of hosting the Winter Olympics.  My mom and I were involved with the Olympics.  I was able to carry the Olympic torch as it wound its way through the world from Greece to Salt Lake City.  Mom was a volunteer handling security at Little America Hotel.  She saw the IOC president Jacques Rogge, Mitt Romney, various kings and queens, etc.

Some of the events of the ten year anniversary were relighting the Olympic flame for a brief time, events at the Olympic Oval, and Stars on Ice.

I received free tickets from work to attend the Stars on Ice event at the Energy Solutions Arena so Mom and I went.  It was very good.  The ice skaters did a great job, and between the performances, they played videos from the 2002 Olympics.  Fun to be reminded of those memories!  Sorry the pictures are so blurry but our free tickets were way up high in the arena!

Kristi Yamaguchi and Mitt Romney opened the evening's festivities
Mitt Romney talking up the success of the 2002 Olympics
Scott Hamilton introducing the first skater
Sarah Hughes, 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist
Kurt Browning shedding his coat
The videos were projected on the ice as well as on the jumbotron
Derek Parra sharing some favorite Olympic memories

David Pelletier & Jamie Sale, 2002 Gold Medalists

Monday, February 20, 2012

US Premier: Zorro the Musical

The Hale Centre Theatre received the honor of having the US premier of Zorro the Musical.  (Zorro the Musical has performed in the West End, Moscow, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Rio.)  The Theatre decided to have a nice celebration to commemorate the premier.  Unfortunately, my mom had to work in the box office that evening, so I invited my friend Michael to join me.

It was a formal event so I decided to go all out.  (I hadn't gotten this fancied up since high school prom days.)  I went to a hair salon and got my hair and make up done.  A young girl named Jade did an amazing job!  We had some miscommunication at the beginning but the final product was perfection!  She asked me what I wanted for my hair but I didn’t really have any idea.  I told her I wanted something elegant because I was attending a fancy event that evening.  She asked if I wanted a mess bun in the back of my head, and I said no!  I could have done a messy bun by myself!  Luckily, her supervisor was listening to our miscommunications and suggested a bunch of barrel curls with some pieces spiraled down and some spiral curls on the sides of my face in the front.  After an hour and ten minutes, 37 bobby pins, two elastics, a can of hairspray, and some curling iron action, the results were stunning.  It was probably the most elegant hairstyle I had ever had!  Jade did an amazing job!  Then Jade did my make-up for the evening as well.  She made my eyes look stunning!  My eyelashes actually looked long (an amazing feat)!  She was a miracle worker!  I loved the finished product!

Since I got the tickets for the premier, Michael took care of dinner.  When he picked me up, he said we had to hurry because we had reservations downtown in fifteen minutes.  I told him we had to take a picture of the two of us first.  We clean up quite nicely, if I do say so myself!

We ate dinner at a very nice restaurant.  The food was beyond delicious!  We got to the theatre just before the show began.  It was a very good production!  I loved the Flamenco dancing, the sword fighting, and the songs. After the show, I took some more pictures with Mom and Michael.

I had a fun evening getting all dressed up.  I should do this more often!